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Specializing in the Servicing of...
Commuter, city, road, mountain, comfort and cruiser bikes.


Free Estimates & Expertise

  • Our customers know the Difference Professional Service Can Make
  • For situations Outside our Expertise, we can provide you with a Referral.

Rates and Services


Service Packages

  Standard Tune-Up $110 Deluxe Tune-Up $199 PRO Overhaul $299
Safety Inspection   Include Include Include
Inspect & Inflate Tires   Include Include Include
Wipe Clean & Lube Chain   Include Include Include
Minor Gear & Brake Adjustments   Include Include Include
Complete Bolt Check   Include Include Include
Wipe Clean Bike Frame*   Include Include Include
Wipe Clean Drive – Train*   Include Include Include
Wipe Clean Rims & Hubs*   Include Include Include
Minor Truing of Both Wheels**   Include Include Include
Full Brakes & Gears Adjustments   Include Include Include
Re-Surface Brake Pads (disc n/a)   Include Include Include
Lube Cables   Include Include Include
Mechanic Test Ride   Include Include Include
Adjust BB & Hubs & Headset Bearings     Include Include
Drive - Train Removal & Clean & Re-install     Include Include
OVERHAUL - Front & Rear Hubs & Headset       Include
20% Discount on ~a la Carte~ Labour   Include Include Include
Parts & Installation & 5% GST are not Included.   Service Packages are subject to Mechanics Approval.


  • Standard Flat Repair $22 + tube
  • Gear Adjustment $20 per side
  • Brake Adjustment $25 per side
  • Wheel True with Spoke Replacement $50 + spokes
  • Pack Bike for Travel $110 - Box Included

All Service Work is Prepaid

Excessively Dirty Bikes & Drive trains are subject to additional time and labour costs

Occasionally, upon inspection and diagnosis, additional parts and labour may be required.

  • If additional work is required, we'll call you to get your authorization and confirm the price.
  • Or, you can Pre-authorize up to a dollar value of your choosing to speed up the turn-around time.

FAST - Turn-around-Time

How long it takes to have your bike repaired depends on what time of day you come in, how sunny it is and the day of the week, (and the season!)

Generally, our Turn-around time is Within 2 days, or SAME DAY SERVICE

Small Repairs

For Flat tires, and simple adjustments, we'll do it for you Same DAY , even while you wait, whenever possible.


General Repairs

When you bring your bike in, we'll provide you with a PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSIS.

If we can't repair your bike within 2 days, we'll schedule you an appointment (at your convenience), so you can drop your bike of for SAME DAY Service!


Even big jobs will be done within 2-3 days, or we'll make you an appointment.

If parts are needed to be ordered, availability will depend on the supplier, and we may ask you to bring your bike back in when your Special Order parts have arrived.

EXPRESS - Front of the Line Service

We appreciate sometimes rush service is needed, we will always attempt to accommodate ASAP service. During busy times an Express - Front of the Line Charge may apply.

Courtesy Call

We'll call you when your bike is Ready!

If you don't hear from us within the expected time, please check your voice mail!

While You Wait for your bike

May we suggest some great coffee shops and eateries in the neighborhood

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Denman Street


Tune Ups

Due to the nature of "servicing bikes" to provide an accurate service estimate over the phone, or on-line, without actually seeing the bicycle.

Therefore, customers must bring bicycles in to receive a Professional Diagnosis, and service estimate.

We appreciate that some of our customers may be more familiar with their bicycle servicing needs, in this case we offer the option of Scheduling an Appointment for the Standard Tune-Up and certain A-la Carte repairs.

There is a $25, transferrable deposit* required to book a Service Appointment.

Please note that upon assessment, mechanic may recommend a different level of service, or additional parts/labour may be required.

New Bike Check Up - Appointment

If you purchased a bike from us within the last Year,  CLICK Here to Schedule your New Bike Checkup

Pack Bike For Travel Appointment

Frame is wrapped to prevent Scratches / damage.

All parts removed and secured to frame to prevent loss/damage.

Protect your precious bike from Airlines Handler's "throwers" by having it profiessionally packed.

You can schedule an appointment to have your bike packed here (24 hour notice required, or rush fee may be applicable).

Warranty & Policy

All Service Work is Prepaid:

  • If additional work is required, we will call you for Authorization and to Confirm the Price.

Minimum Labour Charge is $10.

All Service Labour is Guaranteed for 30 Days*.

  • If anything doesn't feel quite right, please come on in so we can make it so.
  • must follow mechanics recommendations.
  • does not cover issues due to neglect, or additional damage.

Due to Age, Rust or Poor Quality Components, some Bicycles may Require Additonal Labour, or May not be Suitable for Repair.

  • ie. Beyond Economical Repair.
  • ie. some department store and vintage bikes.

We Service Bosch , Shimano or Hydrive E-bikes.  Other brands may be declined. 

Minimum Safety requirements.We cannot provide service to bicycles that would be unsafe to ride without providing the necessary complete repairs.

For situations outside our expertise, we'll do our best to provide a referral.

Bike Storage

  • If you cannot pick up your bike as scheduled, Please contact us to Make Arrangements:
  • Customer's bikes that are Ready for Pick-up, but are left more than 48 hours after scheduled pick up time, may be subject to Storage Service of $10/day.
  • Please help us to help others by picking your bike up in a timely manner.
  • DBS is not responsible for bikes left longer than 30 days.

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