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Here in Vancouver, we’re lucky to have the cycling season run year-round! We all know a few die-hard cycling commuters who ride to work, rain or shine. Help make their ride drier, safer and more comfortable with these perfect gift ideas.



From heavy-duty waterproof sets to business-style bags, Denman Bike Shop has one of the best selections of cycling bags around.


A dependable go-to pannier for many commuters is the Classic Back Roller pannier set by Ortlieb. The pair’s combined volume of 40 litres, one of the best pannier attachment systems, fully waterproof for those Raincouver days, inner pockets to keep valuables organized and a 5 year warranty makes these bags a great choice for life’s demands.


For a more stylish choice, Basil makes bags for the commuter who wants great utility without the utilitarian look. The Basil Go is their entry level pannier for a simple but good looking bag.


Some cyclists are much more attached to having a backpack than pannier bags. That’s why the Blackburn Wayside Backpack Pannier is a great option for those who still want a backpack, but for those times where the cargo is just a little too heavy for comfort you can convert it to a pannier. Let the bike carry the weight!


Levi’s Commuter Apparel


This line is probably on their wish list. Featuring reflective panels, smart tailoring, tough yet comfy fabrics and sophisticated styling, the Levi’s Commuter line is coveted by guys and gals alike. Our Main St location carries black and indigo denim jeans and jackets for both men and women. We are one of the few retailers to carry this line (even the Levi’s store doesn’t carry it!), so chances are they will be one of the most fashionable cyclist commuters they know.




Every cyclist needs their own pump. Travel-friendly hand pumps are a very handy stocking stuffer – if they need to change a flat on the road, you need one in their bag! Having a pump with a fold out foot rest makes the Topeak Mini Morph Pump a miniature floor pump and having that flexible hose decreases the likelihood of a ripped valve flat tire.


Floor pumps are another great gift. It’s important to keep those tires at their ideal pressure to ensure an easy ride (low tires make you work harder!) and reduce the occurrence of flat tires, not to mention vital for fixing one. Having that stable base and long chamber makes filling your tires much easier. Denman Bike Shop carries a good range of quality pumps, from the most basic models to those featuring gauges – even digital, for the person with absolutely everything!


Patch Kits, Levers and Tools

Whether commuting, riding for pleasure or going on an adventure, every cyclist needs an emergency kit of tools. These are perfect stocking stuffers!


-Allan Key set – The absolute essential for any bike owner.

-Tire levers – the essential for fixing a flat

-Patch Kits – no bike shop in sight? Patch kits are a tried-and- true life saver.



“It’s not how much it costs, it’s what it costs to replace.” Know a cyclist cheating fate with a ratty old lock? Surprise them this holiday with an upgrade. We recommend the following locks for superior security:




The Abus Bordo 6000 90cm Key Lock is the #1 lock here at Denman Bike Shop:

  • It’s as strong as a good u-lock (security level 10!)
  • It’s lightweight (for how strong it is)
  • It’s relatively flexible (for those awkwardly full bike racks)
  • Easy to use (even easier to use than a cable or chain lock because it holds itself up!)

The Bordo also comes in other strengths, lengths, colours, and styles.


If you don’t have the budget for a Bordo or simply prefer U-Locks, not to worry, we carry a wide selection of those, too. The Abus Ultra 410 U-Lock ranks in at Security Level 8 and is a manageable $64.99 for a lock you can use for most places in Vancouver. And if you lock up in higher risk areas (such as Granville Island, libraries, universities, or downtown), we have stronger U-Locks such as the Abus Ultimate 420 U-Lock (Security Level 10) and the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 (Security Level 15).


(Pssssst! Also, make sure to read and share our Pro Tips for locking up your bike!)


No matter what you choose to get the cyclist in your life, you know they will appreciate it because there is always more to get, more to upgrade, and more to repair.

And if something is not quite right, or you didn’t know they already had one – don’t sweat it! They can exchange it or use store credit for that Tune-Up they’ve been putting off.


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We’re now carrying Kona bikes at Denman Bike Shop!

We’re beyond stoked to be offering a great new 2017 line-up of Kona bicycles. Kona is an industry legend designed by, for and in Vancouver City! Kona is based right out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, and has an excellent reputation around the world.

Kona is known everywhere for its cool bikes, and has earned a reputation for creating consistently well-designed rides at a seriously competitive value. Kona has an excellent reputation for a reason: nothing they make is below the high standard of quality everyone has come to expect from this home-grown, West Coast, Vancouver-based bike company!

We’ve got an array of solid 2017 flat bar commuters and even a couple drop-bar road options that look great and feel even better. These bikes are ready for the city and the trail, and for whatever adventure you’re about to take next.

Come test ride our brand new 2017 models and feel the Kona experience for yourself!





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Got a new bike? Really love the one you have? Here’s how to keep it.

Most folks in the bike industry will tell you to spend at least 10% of your bike’s value on a locking system. It’s an investment you can’t really over-do: Vancouver is Canada’s bike theft capital, with a per capita theft rate 2 to 4 times greater than any other big city in the country!

Your best defense against theft is 1) eyes on the street and 2) a great lock. The ABUS Bordo is that lock.


Abus is a German security manufacturer that has been building a first-rate reputation since 1924. The Bordo family of folding locks is an entirely lock system that has revolutionized the industry. There’s nothing out there like it, and there’s been nothing like it before.



The Bordo’s design is made from links of German tempered steel that connect through reinforced pivot points. In this way, the family of Bordo locks are able to provide the flexibility of chains and cables (cables are the number lock method targeted by thieves) with unprecedented strength.

The Bordo packs neatly into a carrying case (included in the price!) that mounts easily to the bike frame, and is available in several diameters.




Use a key system or set a numerical combination – the Bordo offers both. If you lose your key, no problem! ABUS will replace it. Each lock comes with a lifetime warranty.

Most of our staff personally own and trust their bicycles with the Abus Bordo, and that’s the ultimate endorsement! When used correctly, the Bordo really can’t be beat! Come in and ask for a demonstration and see the difference for yourself.





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When shopping for a bike, you may notice that they are advertised as having either  “derailleur” or “ internal” gear systems. Ever wondered what the difference was?

The simplest explanation  is that derailleur systems are external, while internal are – you guessed it – on the inside.

But first, let’s get our terms straight. What are gears?

Gears and Speeds

It’s helpful to think of gears as “speeds” – a bike with 7 gears is a 7-speed bike.

Lower numbered gears are the low gears (slower/easier), and higher numbered ones are the high gears (for going faster/harder).

“Shifting” means going from one gear to another.

Derailleur (External) Gears

Ever noticed that thing that hangs down at your rear wheel? That’s a derailleur. It’s a french term referring to the literal derailment of the chain.

In an external gear system, the rear derailleur literally “de-rails” the chain, moving it to different sized rings to achieve different gear ratios, or speeds.  Because it’s on the outside, it is important to keep it clean and properly cared for.

Rear derailleur system

Pictured above: A rear derailleur system


Internal Hub Gears

In a Hub Gear system, the gears are enclosed within the bicycle’s rear hub. You’ll notice that the rear wheel hub on an internal system is much larger than usual.

In general, an internal gear hub is less maintenance because it is a sealed system. You can also shift gears while stationary, which is great for gearing down at a light before heading off again.


Pictured above: An internal hub system


Which System is Best for Me?

Take a bicycle with each system for a test ride. Find out what you prefer. Generally, it will come down to your personal preference, the system availability of different bike models, your maintenance expectations, and your budget.

Some find that an internal system is a smoother shifting experience, and prefer the low maintenance of the hub. Others are happy with the cost effectiveness and tried-and-true derailleur.

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance city bike to ride to and from the grocery store or the occasional Sea Wall cruise, an internal system would be a great choice: say a Loft 7i.

If you’re after a light, fast and easy-to-customize commuter with an ample gear range for tackling hills on your way around town, an external system would be a great way to go – like with our Brooklyn Lorimer or Opus Orpheo models.

At the end of the day, they are both great systems – the fun part is choosing your bike.

So get out there and get riding!

Linus Bikes and Accessories SALE!

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Love Linus Bikes?  Well how about getting $100 in Linus Accessories FOR FREE* with the purchase of your new Linus Bike.

For a limited time, Linus Bikes in select colours are ON SALE, up to $190 OFF!   Check our bike catalogue

We also have 10% Off Linus accessories In-store only, for everyone regardless if you own a Linus or not. They’re a real shop favourite, with stylish bike bags, baskets lights and bells.  See our selection online.


*Promotion is for up to $100 off the Regular Price of Linus accessories purchased with new Linus Bike from DBS, no other discounts appliable

SALE ENDS August 21st, 2016, while supplies last!


Retiring Your Car? SCRAP-IT ® with Denman Bike Shop!

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About the Program


Have you heard of the BC SCRAP-IT® Program? It’s a provincial “voluntary early retirement vehicle program” that offers an array of incentives to help British Columbians replace their higher-poluting, older cars with cleaner forms of transportation – like a brand new bicycle!

We’re so excited to get you riding we’ve become and approved BC SCRAP-IT Bike Shop.  That means we’ll give you 10% off (up to a $100 value) of your bike purchase. Keep your receipt and fill out the BC SCRAP-IT New Bike Claim Form and they’ll give you a rebate of 300$!

Here’s how:


4 Easy Steps



Complete the Program’s Online Application Form. Then call ICBC toll free at 1-800-663-3051 or locally at (604) 661-2800 and have them email your proof of insurance to the SCRAP-IT offices.


Wait an average of 2 business days to receive your approval letter via email.


Bring in your approval letter and your old vehicle to an approved drop off location.


Claim your incentive and select option #5 for your deep-discounted new bicycle from either of our 2 Vancouver Denman Bike Shop locations!


My Other Car is… a Townie® Go! E-Bike!

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Does your family have more than one car? Scrap the surplus and make your second vehicle the Townie® Go!

Everyone can use the Go! Whether you’re a bicycle commuter looking to extend their potential, a new cyclist considering a longer commuting route, a parent hauling kids in the trailer or a” seasoned” cyclist whose joints need a little boost on those tougher climbs, the Townie® Go! is guaranteed to take your commuting to the next level. This is the perfect bike for handling grocery runs or a quick trip up to Mom’s house, all while getting exercise and barely breaking a sweat.

Patented and Award-Winning Comfort

Enthusiasts of the Go! know full well why the Townie is one of the best selling bikes in North America: it features Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology , a unique upright-riding frame geometry that allows you to plant both feet firmly on the ground, any time you want! Never feel off-balance again. With the Go! you can stabilize, stop and straddle your bicycle at any point during your ride, without tipping over. Feel confident mounting and dismounting, experiencing complete stability despite the extra weight of the bike and whatever else you happen to be hauling.

While in traffic or enjoying the countryside view, the upright Townie riding position gives you superior visibility to navigate with confidence. The upright ergonomics mean no more numb buns, sore wrists or neck and upper-back pain.


Unsurpassed German Engineering

At the touch of a button, the newly upgraded and ultra-quiet  Bosch motor offers a battery powered, pedal-assisted riding experience with more glide and less effort. On a really hot day, a quick ride to Mom’s for supper won’t have you showing up sweaty in your spandex – leave the technical gear and your worries behind.  Activated only while pedaling, the frame-mounted motor enhances your natural momentum up to 25 km/h, ensuring your safety with a smooth distribution of power that lets you adjust your rhythm based on speed.  The 2016 edition comes with 8 gears in a low-maintenance internal hub that performs consistently in any weather, rain or shine. Shift easily from gear to gear with twist style shifting on the handlebar.

4 Riding Modes, Plus One More!

Hill and headwinds just don’t matter anymore. The new Townie® Go! is equipped with 4 riding modes to fit your ride as it changes from day to day: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Eco is the slowest speed on the spectrum, saving the most battery life, with Turbo providing the maximum push to get you to your destination well in time.  Sport mode is the perfect choice for off-road adventures and the stop-and-go nature of heavy city traffic, while Tour mode offers consistent support for longer, steady trips. With the Go!, you can ride at nearly 30 kph with an average heart rate of 120, which is a very healthy, low-risk rate for anyone not used to heavy exercise. In the heat, cruise at 20 kph without heating up yourself – let the breeze be your air conditioning. Up for a challenge? You can always turn the motor off, and just ride it like a bike!

Hauling Power on the “Go”

This is the perfect bike for getting a boost for extra weight.  Never think twice about that 4-gallon of milk on your way home – fill up your panniers and let the Go! do the rest. Parents love the pedal-assist when packing kids into a rear trailer, and younger riders can actually keep up with the pack when you lend them your Go! for a family ride around the sea wall.


Dependable Specs and Warranty!

Now for the technical details: Featuring a 2 year warranty, the Go!’s  36 volt Lithium-ion battery has an average 3 ½ hour complete charge time (1 ½ hours for 50%) and up to 120 km of ride time depending on your mode and terrain. The Bosch Performance electric-assist system is located mid-frame and packs a 250 watt punch. Other specs include a lightweight aluminum frame, Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires for a luxuriously soft ride and low-maintenance Shimano eBike-approved roller brakes. Sweet extras include a Bosch battery charger, alloy rear rack, LED front and rear lighting set, matching rims and fenders, anti-rust hardware and an ABUS frame lock.

Come in for a Test Ride, we have them in Stock!

With so many features loaded into one bike, the Townie® Go is one of the most intuitive and luxurious rides on the market. If you aren’t curious yet, you should be. Check them out on our website. Better yet, come in and take a rest ride at either of our 2 Vancouver shop Locations and feel the difference for yourself. Ditch the car, and ride!

Great Bikes for Petite Women

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Are you a woman under 5 feet, having a hard time finding an adult bike that fits your smaller size?

Does  your past bike experience involve teetering on a bike that was too big for you, and you were afraid you’d hurt yourself?
Or have you been told, you need a “Kids Bikes”?   Left riding at the back of the pack, on a poor quality bike?

Well, if you’re like many of our customers of “smaller” stature who are in search of a  comfortable, fashionable, and quality bike that will let you ride with confidence and style, we’ve got some great choices for you!

In the Fashion and Comfort line, we just love these step-through models because of how easy it is to get on and off the bike, for starters….

The Electra Townie

When it comes to a bike that can comfortably accommodate a petite rider, especially one that is nervous about riding, or perhaps has body pain or joint issues…. The Electra Townie rules them all.  With its incredibly intelligent design, the Electra Townie allows the rider to put their feet Flat on the Ground, when not on the pedals.  That’s right, you heard it, FLAT on the ground.  Ride for a bit, feel nervous? Stop and put your foot flat down!  Furthermore thanks to a light-weight aluminum step-through frame and very adjustable seat and handlebars, its much easier  to fit a petite rider, and allow them to gain confidence with their ride.   Now, not to imply that petite riders in particular might be nervous about riding, but I do find often they start out that way, in particular because of past experiences.

For the Townie, there are two size choices, and a few gearing/colour options.  The majority of riders at or about 5 feet, can ride the regular ladies 26” wheel, no problem.  Plus, for even more petite riders there is also the 24” Wheel Townie…   The most popular model, is the Townie Original 7D, in fact it’s so well-loved that this particular model sold more than any other brand-bicycle in the USA for the last 2 years!


Townie Original 7D


Townie Original 7D EQ “Equipped”


Townie Original 7D 24″


For those a little more confidence, these City bikes provide a comfortable and efficient ride.


The Brooklyn Willow or Franklin in size S/M

Some of our best selling bikes for petite ladies are the Brooklyn Willow and Brooklyn Franklin.  These upright city bikes are made of Chromoly Steel which make them more comfortable than aluminum and lighter than traditional steel.  Thanks to the step-through frame, shorter seat tube, and 26” wheels with narrower tires,  we find riders at approximately 4’8” can confidently ride this bike in the S/M size.   Since the seat height and swept back-upright handlebars are very adjustable, the Brooklyn bikes are also great choice for growing teenagers who are looking for a fashionable bike with room for growth.    The Willow has either 3 or 7 speeds with Internal Gears (really clean and low maintenance), and the Franklin has a 7 speed external (like a mountain bike).  And if you don’t know what Internal Gears vs. External gears are, don’t worry you’re like many of our customers. This, we’ll happily explain to you and will be the topic of future blog post!


Brooklyn Willow 3 speed


Brooklyn Frankin Seven

The Electra Loft in size small:

In 2015, Electra re-designed their hugely popular (Oprah’s Favorite Bike), in a smaller size. The Electra “Loft” has such a pretty frame, and thanks to their expert engineering, Electra were able to design a petite bike that still has City Style-27” wheels (700c).   So, the rider doesn’t lose any efficiency  as a result of riding on smaller wheels (like on a kids 24” wheel).  The aluminum frame is nice and light too.   The Loft is available in 3 gearing options and some lovely colours.


Electra Loft 3i


Electra Loft 7i

The Linus Dutchi in size small:

With Linus, it’s all about style!  We have many customers who fall in love with Linus at first sight, with their mid-50’s French style, deep step through frames, and huge array of matching accessories.  Linus owners continue to love their bikes because of how they ride; which is super comfortable,  upright and easy!    The size small Dutchi has 26” wheels and a smaller frame and accommodates a rider around 4’9 to 5’3.   Internal 3 or 8 gears are available.


The Opus Classico 1.0 or the Opus Zermatt in size Small

A slightly sportier model, the Opus Classico or Zermatt are light-weight aluminum step-through frames, with a little more performance than just a cruiser.  The Classico has 7 speeds, with a derailleur and the Zermatt features 24 speeds and disc brakes.  Great for the serious Vancouver all-weather commuter who still wants to be comfortable!


Opus Classico 1.0


Opus Zermatt

Regardless of your level of research, here at the Denman Bike Shop, we welcome you to come and test ride any of our bikes.  Don’t be shy, we’re here to help!

Sincerely yours.. a little vertically challenged myself… the Red Head.


Brooklyn Roebling – The Quality Commuter Bike You Can Customize to Perfection

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Looking for a price friendly commuter with the room to fine tune the details?   Look no further than the Brooklyn Roebling.

The Brooklyn Bike Company, based out of – you guessed it – Brooklyn,  prides itself on thoughtful design and top quality parts at a reasonable price point. The Roebling is a slick looking, comfortable and agile frame, ready to go as-is, or to customize and build the perfect Vancouver hybrid commuter.


Like all Brooklyn bikes, the Roebling’s frame is uniquely proportioned over a broad range of sizings, from the very petite to the extra tall. While many bike brands use factory standard frame geometries, Brooklyn’s approach involves engineering their frames to provide as full a leg extension as possible while still being able to reach the ground – without ever leaving your seat.

A full leg extension means more power with each pedal stroke, providing a faster, more efficient ride. Being able to put your foot down keeps you steady and confident in the saddle, without having to dismount in a hurry. The result is a riding position that offers  control and comfort combined.

Built of strong chromoly steel, the Roebling features thin tubing and an overall light-looking design that doesn’t compromise on strength. The flex of chromoly steel also helps to absorb the vibrations caused by uneven and rough road surfaces along your commute. Other sweet features include puncture resistant tires and grips moulded to fit the shape of your hand, resulting in greater comfort over long trips.

Offered in stylish matte finishes of both light white and black, the Roebling’s braze-ons (that’s fancy speak for screw holes already in the frame) make your bike super easy to kit out with front and rear fenders, front and rear racks and any other accessories you need to make it the perfect, personalized commuter.

Come in to one of our Vancouver Bike Shop locations and test ride yours today!

Rain Gear Blow Out – 50% Off

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Spring has finally arrive and the sun is out! But, remember Vancouver cyclists, we live in Rain Forest.
Don’t let spring showers spoil your ride…

Get yourself some great Rain Gear at 50% OFF!


All Endura and Gore Rain Wear, jackets, pants, show covers, etc. are on SALE for 50% OFF!

Check out our website