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Denman Bikes now offering E-bikes!

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At Denman Bikes,   we’re excited to announce that we now have Toba Electric Bikes in Stock!

Technology has finally caught up with consumer demand for a
TRUE pedal-assist bike, making life easier for cyclists, with more challenging needs.

With a solid Canadian warranty, we’re ready to present these Electric bikes to you.

TOBA has been providing quality Canadian bike accessory design for years.  Now, they’ve teamed up with Bionx, the industry leader in electric conversion to bring you Electric Bike options that are ready to take you anywhere!

The Toba Edison (classic frame) and Toba Edwin (step-thru) are equipped with dashboard and handlebars controls. The 4-mode throttle allows you to adjust the amount of pedal assistance from light all the way to full-assist mode (no need to pedal).  Depending on your settings and battery choice, the system can provide you with 60 – 105km of distance and have you flying up to a max of 32km/hr!

Toba Edwin

The battery automatically generates each time you apply the hand brakes. When descending a big hill, just set the bike to regenerative mode. The system will automatically slow you down while descending, without the need to apply the hand brakes. This saves both your brake pads, and your grip strength, and furthermore regenerates the battery!

You’ll be turning heads as you speed by on one of the stylish Toba bikes that have been engineered specially to handle the torque of the electric motor and weight of the battery.

Lightweight aluminum frames, are equipped with quality Shimano components and double-walled wheel rims with reinforced spokes, made specifically for E-bikes.  The improved cassette body has proven strength-gauge sensoring and provides more precise shifting than ever before.   The high output, removable Li-Ion batteries are lighter and will keep you rolling for miles of smiles.

Disc brake upgrades are available on both models.

Come in and Test Ride a Toba Edwin E-bike today at our Vancouver Denman Bikes on Main at 10th location.

See what our DBS staff  is so excited about!