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Thanks from Brock Tully

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To Denman Bike Shop…

…i just want to THANK YOU so much for all you have done for me, and i know many others, over the years!

…it always amazes people that i’m not better at techy things because of the long treks i’ve taken…so when i need my bike fixed i need to go to a Shop where i feel the staff knows what they are doing!

– in 1970, i was the first person to ride a bicycle around North America (throughout the U.S. (30 States), Canada, and Mexico – 10,000 miles; in 2000 i rode through 33 States and 7 Provinces (18,000 Km) on a journey called ‘Cycling for Kindness’; and then this past year, in 2009, i journeyed 12,000 Km for 8 months pulling a 70 lb. trailer – “Kindness…Cycle it Forward”…altogether nearly 50,000 Km…..and for the last 10 years, Denman Bike Shop has been my ‘Home’ Shop, not only because i want excellent mechanics, but also because i like to go where i feel welcomed and i feel that the staff, not only cares about me, but all their customers.

with gratitude,

Brock Tully

‘…every Human Being is

‘one of a kind’…

to be ‘human’

is to live

‘as one’

and be kind.”

from ‘Reflections’…

by Brock Tully

Inspirational Speaker

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