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It’s Time to Pump Up Your Christmas List!

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So here’s a gift idea you may not be thinking of:

Bicycle Pumps!

A good pump is one of the most useful things a cyclist should have, although frequently they don’t own one! That makes it a great gift to give the two-wheeled friend in your life.

Floor pumps are arguably the most useful as you’re more likely to need a top up at home before the ride, rather than while you are out on one.  It’s surprising how many people get a flat tire on their way to the bike shop to get air!  Under-inflation makes you sluggish and puts you at risk of untimely punctures.  A floor pump allows for leverage, and easier filling to higher PSI than a hand pump.

Buy a kit or DIY!

That being said, if the cyclist you know goes on long rides far away from bike shops, they would benefit from a nice flat repair kit with a hand pump, patches and tire levers.

All of our floor pumps come with a gauge and all of them work with both presta and schrader valves, either with a swappable part or one that auto-adapts to both.

Our most popular is the Evo Hurricane. These guys can handle a lot of use, and are very budget friendly at $45. They work for all road and city bikes and go up to 160 PSI.

*mechanical breathing* “No, I am your father.”

If you’re looking for a shiny hand pump, let’s talk about the MiniRocket iGlow from Topeak! This 11 bar and 160 PSI pump lights up! Stick him on the seat stay, with 50+ hours on steady mode and 100+ in flashing it’ll help keep you safe and always be there when you need it!

Classy looking floor pumps!

These Lezyne pumps, the Sport Floor Drive and the Classic Over Drive are stylish looking pumps that also work great.

The Over Drive is designed for Mountain bikes with a top out PSI of 60 and 4.1 bars and a chuck that will work with both presta or schrader.

If you need a higher PSI, the Sport Floor Drive is an excellent choice with a PSI of 220 and 15.2 bars, you’re road ready!

Check out our selection…. Or come in to the store.