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Brooklyn Roebling – The Quality Commuter Bike You Can Customize to Perfection

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Looking for a price friendly commuter with the room to fine tune the details?   Look no further than the Brooklyn Roebling.

The Brooklyn Bike Company, based out of – you guessed it – Brooklyn,  prides itself on thoughtful design and top quality parts at a reasonable price point. The Roebling is a slick looking, comfortable and agile frame, ready to go as-is, or to customize and build the perfect Vancouver hybrid commuter.


Like all Brooklyn bikes, the Roebling’s frame is uniquely proportioned over a broad range of sizings, from the very petite to the extra tall. While many bike brands use factory standard frame geometries, Brooklyn’s approach involves engineering their frames to provide as full a leg extension as possible while still being able to reach the ground – without ever leaving your seat.

A full leg extension means more power with each pedal stroke, providing a faster, more efficient ride. Being able to put your foot down keeps you steady and confident in the saddle, without having to dismount in a hurry. The result is a riding position that offers  control and comfort combined.

Built of strong chromoly steel, the Roebling features thin tubing and an overall light-looking design that doesn’t compromise on strength. The flex of chromoly steel also helps to absorb the vibrations caused by uneven and rough road surfaces along your commute. Other sweet features include puncture resistant tires and grips moulded to fit the shape of your hand, resulting in greater comfort over long trips.

Offered in stylish matte finishes of both light white and black, the Roebling’s braze-ons (that’s fancy speak for screw holes already in the frame) make your bike super easy to kit out with front and rear fenders, front and rear racks and any other accessories you need to make it the perfect, personalized commuter.

Come in to one of our Vancouver Bike Shop locations and test ride yours today!