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Here in Vancouver, we’re lucky to have the cycling season run year-round! We all know a few die-hard cycling commuters who ride to work, rain or shine. Help make their ride drier, safer and more comfortable with these perfect gift ideas.



From heavy-duty waterproof sets to business-style bags, Denman Bike Shop has one of the best selections of cycling bags around.


A dependable go-to pannier for many commuters is the Classic Back Roller pannier set by Ortlieb. The pair’s combined volume of 40 litres, one of the best pannier attachment systems, fully waterproof for those Raincouver days, inner pockets to keep valuables organized and a 5 year warranty makes these bags a great choice for life’s demands.


For a more stylish choice, Basil makes bags for the commuter who wants great utility without the utilitarian look. The Basil Go is their entry level pannier for a simple but good looking bag.


Some cyclists are much more attached to having a backpack than pannier bags. That’s why the Blackburn Wayside Backpack Pannier is a great option for those who still want a backpack, but for those times where the cargo is just a little too heavy for comfort you can convert it to a pannier. Let the bike carry the weight!


Levi’s Commuter Apparel


This line is probably on their wish list. Featuring reflective panels, smart tailoring, tough yet comfy fabrics and sophisticated styling, the Levi’s Commuter line is coveted by guys and gals alike. Our Main St location carries black and indigo denim jeans and jackets for both men and women. We are one of the few retailers to carry this line (even the Levi’s store doesn’t carry it!), so chances are they will be one of the most fashionable cyclist commuters they know.




Every cyclist needs their own pump. Travel-friendly hand pumps are a very handy stocking stuffer – if they need to change a flat on the road, you need one in their bag! Having a pump with a fold out foot rest makes the Topeak Mini Morph Pump a miniature floor pump and having that flexible hose decreases the likelihood of a ripped valve flat tire.


Floor pumps are another great gift. It’s important to keep those tires at their ideal pressure to ensure an easy ride (low tires make you work harder!) and reduce the occurrence of flat tires, not to mention vital for fixing one. Having that stable base and long chamber makes filling your tires much easier. Denman Bike Shop carries a good range of quality pumps, from the most basic models to those featuring gauges – even digital, for the person with absolutely everything!


Patch Kits, Levers and Tools

Whether commuting, riding for pleasure or going on an adventure, every cyclist needs an emergency kit of tools. These are perfect stocking stuffers!


-Allan Key set – The absolute essential for any bike owner.

-Tire levers – the essential for fixing a flat

-Patch Kits – no bike shop in sight? Patch kits are a tried-and- true life saver.



“It’s not how much it costs, it’s what it costs to replace.” Know a cyclist cheating fate with a ratty old lock? Surprise them this holiday with an upgrade. We recommend the following locks for superior security:




The Abus Bordo 6000 90cm Key Lock is the #1 lock here at Denman Bike Shop:

  • It’s as strong as a good u-lock (security level 10!)
  • It’s lightweight (for how strong it is)
  • It’s relatively flexible (for those awkwardly full bike racks)
  • Easy to use (even easier to use than a cable or chain lock because it holds itself up!)

The Bordo also comes in other strengths, lengths, colours, and styles.


If you don’t have the budget for a Bordo or simply prefer U-Locks, not to worry, we carry a wide selection of those, too. The Abus Ultra 410 U-Lock ranks in at Security Level 8 and is a manageable $64.99 for a lock you can use for most places in Vancouver. And if you lock up in higher risk areas (such as Granville Island, libraries, universities, or downtown), we have stronger U-Locks such as the Abus Ultimate 420 U-Lock (Security Level 10) and the Abus Granit X-Plus 54 (Security Level 15).


(Pssssst! Also, make sure to read and share our Pro Tips for locking up your bike!)


No matter what you choose to get the cyclist in your life, you know they will appreciate it because there is always more to get, more to upgrade, and more to repair.

And if something is not quite right, or you didn’t know they already had one – don’t sweat it! They can exchange it or use store credit for that Tune-Up they’ve been putting off.