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Win a Brand New Electra Cruiser!!

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Just a reminder Scavanger Scramble is May 16, 2010 — This Sunday. For those individulas who are unable to particpate in the ride but would still like a chance to Win the Bike and to support Haro Park Center for Seniors, Raffle tickets for a brand new Gorgeous Electra Fleur 3i or Electra Sparker 3i bike can be purchased in store until 4pm May 16, or at the Jericho Sailing Club between 6 & 7pm.

Tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $25. Call or visit the Denman Bike Shop, 604.685.9755

We just received the 1st 2010 Electra Fleur 3i in the store. This is one stunning new Electra ladies Cruiser! If you’re not convinced by the photo, come on down to the store and ogle it in the window where its being featured for the Charity Raffle this Sunday!