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Great Gift Ideas for Cyclists

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A glimpse… of the cool stuff for cyclists at Denman Bike Shop!

Here’s a few gift ideas for you


Whether they’re a hard-core commuter, or a casual summer beach comber, any cyclist could use a little more light on their bike for Safety.   There have been so many advancements in lights over the last few years, including USB Rechargable lights and Wheel/Spoke Lights You almost can’t go wrong with your choice..


There are very few truly un-rideable days in Vancouver.  But, one thing that can make any fall or winter ride miserable, is not having a good pair of gloves (or 2 or 3).

Biking gloves vary widely depending on your need for wind, rain or cold protection, and one pair of gloves will probably not meet all of your needs.  Its important to have gloves that are designed for cycling that provide grip, so you won’t slip, have seems that won’t chafe, and won’t be too bulky, so you don’t lose your handlebar feel.


So many to choose from! The Gals AND Guys at Denman Bike Shop know their basket fashion, and can help you find a winner.

If you can’t bring in a picture, try to find out what model of bike it is, the colour(s) and check what the stem and handlebars look like.  Its also important to note if there are gear and brake cables.


A good multi-tool, and mini pump might not just save your day, you could save the day for someone else!  Being able to put some air in a flat tire, just to get to the bike shop, can make a real difference.

We’re here to help!

If you have no idea where to start, no worries!  Try to find out what kind of bike your Giftee has, or what kind of cycling they do.   Our experienced staff are enthusiastic about bikes and can help you find something special at any budget.

Still not sure?

That’s OK, we also have VIP Gift Cards – any denomination.

Check out our Website Catalogue

Where you can see Most of our Accessories.  Or come in to one of our Vancouver Bike Shops, where we can help you in person.