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Discover the difference of Electra’s comfort bike lines

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When looking for a comfort bike, you can’t go wrong with the Electra brand.  With patented geometry, comfortable smooth rides, quality construction and style like no other, you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

But how do you know which Electra comfort or cruiser bike is right for you?   Well, speaking strictly in terms of function and not fashion (that’s another topic), the following factors affect the feel of your ride the most:

  • Frame geometry including pedal position
  • Handlebars
  • Wheels/tires

In this blog we’ll explain the difference between the ride feel of:

  • Electra Beach Cruisers
  • Electra Townies
  • Electra Amsterdams

If you’re looking for a comfort bike with a higher performance for faster city rides, then read these articles on  Electra Ticino and Electra Loft (coming soon!)

Electra Beach Cruisers

Cruisers are easy casual riding bikes, fully upright with wide comfy handlebars, 26” comfort wheels with fat tires.

The frame geometry on the Electra Cruiser has a slightly forward pedaling position, allowing a lower centre of gravity, more room in the cockpit, and better control than other cruiser bikes.

The bikes have wide handlebars that ride a little like driving a bus (big steering wheel).

The handle bars come back toward you so that you are sitting FULLY upright, on a nice wide comfy seat, with a smile on your face.

Thanks to the handle bar position, it’s very easy to stand up erect and pedal, allowing your body weight to do a lot of the work, making hills easier to climb.

Wide tires on 26” wheels  provide more traction and allow for more stability, rolling over a variety of terrain.

Traditionally,  beach cruisers have a pedal back to brake, with 3 -speed internal gears being the most popular.  Internal gears are clean and very low maintenance, and if properly built and maintained, will not present problems with chains falling off.

Some Electra Cruisers have 7 speeds (external with a derailleur like a mountain bike), and Hand  Brakes front and back.  These models are recommended for people who live in an area with steep hills.

There are so many colour and fashion choices in the Electra Cruisers.  A great place to start is our website catalogue.   Use the filters to narrow your selection.

Electra Townie

The Townie is Cruise-ee bike, similar to a beach cruiser but with a little more function.

Designed with Electra’s patented Flatfoot Technology, The Townie has an even more forward pedaling position than the Electra Cruisers.  On a Townie when you take your feet off the pedals, you can put your feet flat on the ground, and still have a proper leg extension, so you don’t hurt your knees.

The Townie’s Handlebars are higher in front of you and  feel more like driving a car.  You are not 100% fully upright;  leaning just a little, and still very happy!

Townie’s are all made of light-weight aluminum, and are a little lighter than the cruisers.  The step-through models make it easy to get on and off the bike.

Tires on the Townie are not as fat as the cruisers, but do still provide a comfort-stable ride.

The riding position on the Townie feels laid back, relaxed, and takes the pressure off your neck, shoulders, wrists and knees.  Though this riding position is not for a high performance ride, the Townie is an excellent choice for someone who has body pain and joint issues,  someone who is nervous about riding a bike, or is just looking for a really comfortable ride.

The most popular model is the Townie 7D, with 7 speeds (external), and hand brakes.    Those who prefer internal gears choose the Townie 3i which has a pedal brake on the back, and a hand brake on the front.

With the forward pedaling position, it’s not as easy to stand up and pedal on a Townie as it is on a Cruiser or Amsterdam, so if you have a lot of hills, the 21 speed version is recommended.

View the complete line of Electra Townie’s in our on-line Catalogue.

Electra Amsterdam

The Amsterdam model is a modern take on the Dutch city bike, made practical for North America.

The main difference between and Amsterdam and an Electra Cruiser is the wheel and tire size.  The Amsterdam has a taller 700C wheel (28” vs. 26” on the Cruiser), and a skinnier tire.  The taller wheel provides more travel with each pedal stroke, and the skinnier tire less roll resistance.  These two factors make the bike automatically faster than a cruiser.    However, at slower speeds and rolling over bumps you will find the Amsterdam to be less stable and bit wobbly if you have trouble keeping your balance.

The handlebars on the Amsterdam are not as wide as the Cruiser.  They come back towards you in a more narrow fashion, and allow for a fully upright riding position with elbows closer to your waist.    Just like with the Electra cruisers,   you’re able to stand up erect and pedal using your body weight to get up hills more easily.

All of the Amsterdams have internal gearing, with fully enclosed chain guard making them very clean and easy to ride with casual clothes.

Light-weight aluminum frames, have a deep step-through for easy on and off (Ladies Models), and the Slightly forward pedaling position provides a comfortable riding platform.

The Electra Amsterdam is a very popular bike for someone who is looking for upright comfort, but would like a little more performance out of their ride.  They’re Great for riding on city streets, seawalls, and hard packed trails such as Dykes.

View the line of Electra Amsterdam’s here.

Fit, Adjustments and Personalization

Each of these 3 lines of Electra bikes come in 1 size fits most frames.  Seats and handlebars are very adjustable.  Unless you are shorter than 4’10 or taller than 6′ 2′ you’re likely to fit either the men’s or ladies models

As always, we recommend the best way to choose a bike is to take them for a test drive.

You can also change just about anything on a bike except the frame (seats, grips, handlebars, tires).  So it’s worthwhile to try them all.  You may find you like everything about the Townie, but prefer the Cruiser bars.  Change them, we say, and get yourself the perfect bike!

Come in to one of our Vancouver Bike Shops today and discover the difference of Electra’s comfort bikes.

Right off the Runway, Electra’s latest Fashion Cruisers

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We’re thrilled every year to see the latest new designs from the Electra Bicycle Company, especially in the line of their Ladies’ Fashion Cruisers.

First of all, the bikes are incredibly comfortable and easy to ride. Each constructed from the same frame geometry, with different paint design’s,  they feature Electra’s Flat foot technology;  a slighter forward pedaling position that allows for a lower centre of gravity, better control, and more room in the cockpit.   Their wide comfy sprung seats and wide cruiser bars allow you to sit fully upright in a position that leaves you riding relaxed and carefree.

For 2012 Electra has brought out 4 new ladies models that are right off the fashion runways.

First up, Electra Sugar Skulls 3i

Mexican Folk Art Sugar Skulls from El Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead festival inspired this cruiser.   Known for their color and humor, the Mexican sugar skulls embody a light-hearted view of death, and celebrate life as it continues in another form.    Sugar Skulls Art is currently popular fashion trend in both tattoo and clothing.

The Electra Sugar Skulls 3i celebrates this concept right along-side with a multitude of fun and colorful sugar skills painted throughout the frame and accessories.  The bike is edgy and bold, and expresses a completely different personality than the typical “flowery” cruiser.

Electra Sugar Skulls 3i

Electra’s Navajo 3i

From the Southwest American Navajo fashion trend,  inspired by the hand-woven textiles of the Navajo that have been sought after by art collectors for over 150 years.  With bold contrasting colors and geometric patterns, the art form has been passed down through generations.

In the Navajo culture, The art of weaving is deeply felt expression of beauty, harmony, and balance.

The Electra Navajo 3i embodies this philosophy with its rich colours, geometric designs and embroidered and embossed saddle adorned with tassels.

Electra Navajo 3i

Electra Night Owl 3i

Right on trend with the popular Night Owl Fashion accessories is The Electra Owl 3i

The bike transitions from day to night, with the mysterious and wise old Night Owl watching in the dark night on the front fender.  The paint fades to blue as it transitions from night to day and ends with the Owl sleeping, eyes closed, on the rear fender.

The Electra Night Owl is classy, complex and inspiring.

Electra Night Owl 3i

Electra Mariposa 3i

Mariposa means Butterfuly in Spanish.  The bikes is adorned with beautiful blue butterflies on a rich black frame.

The Electra Mariposa embodies freedom and artistry.

Electra Mariposa 3i

Come in to our Vancouver Bike Store, and test ride an Electra Fashion cruiser today!

Help us Support children needing organ transplants

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Come join us this Friday Nov 18th , at the 1st  Annual Kids Help Kids Benefit starring young singing sensation Cole Armour with Brent Butt acting as MC.

The event, in support of the David Foster Foundation, raises money for children needing life-saving transplants.  There is a dinner, auction and Vegas-style show at the Red Robinson Theatre.

We’re donating this beautiful Electra OM Ladies Cruiser and an Early Rider balance bike for the Live-Auction portion of the evening.

Electra "Om" Ladies Cruiser

With a Symphony Orchestra, Celebrity Guests and young stars, the Show is sure to be a fantastic time all in support of a very important cause.

Early Rider Balance Bike

Proceeds will go to

Tickets are available at

It’s time Ladies to get the cruiser bike of your dreams!!

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For a limited time, Electra Ladies “Fashion” Cruisers are on Sale! 
Summer’s finally here and there’s still time to show off your ride.  With Electra Fashion series Cruisers* on sale, up to $100 Off , it’s a great opportunity to express your personality with a sweet and stlyish Electra Cruiser. 

Electra Cherie Pink

Electra Butterfly Blue

Electra Numbers Pink

Electra Koi

Check out our on-line catalogue for a preview of all the beauties.

Hurry, while supplies last… Sale ends Aug 7, 2011

*Excludes Electra Cruiser 1, Cruiser 7 and “Coaster” named models.
Electra Fashion Cruisers.

Electra Owner’s Ride This Saturday!

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Join us for our Annual Electra Owner’s Bike Ride around Stanley Park & the Vancouver Seawall.

Over $1000.00 worth of Prizes & SWAG again this year!!
Also a Photo Scavenger Hunt, Contests, Trophies and more! 

See our Facebook page for details of the Scavenger Hunt this week. 

Your Partner, Spouse, Date or Friend doesn’t have an Electra bike ?
Each Electra Rider is allowed a “plus One” whom isn’t on an Electra bike !

Whether you ride an Electra Cruiser, Amsterdam, Townie or Ticino;
get together with other Electra owner’s and Celebrate your Electra Lifestyles.

Details of the Photo Scavenger Hunt on your Electra bike,
will be reveled days prior to the event.   To the Victors goes the Trophy/Glory.

RSVP  to our Facebook Event or Email us to let us know you’re attending. Or, just show up at 5:30 on Saturday.

We meet at the Lost Lagoon Roundabout in Stanley Park, near the entrance to Stanley Park at the end of Denman Street and Georgia.   

Rain or Shine
Carpe Diem!