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Super Hot NEW Men’s FELT Cruiser arriving NOW!!!

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This year Felt bicycles have out-downed themselves with their new mens’ cruiser line.

We Love Felt cruisers.  Why?  Because they dig down deep into the depths of retro, and pull out every detail.

Felt Beaumont, Come on Down!

Felt Beaumount Cruiser

The 60’s inspired Felt Beaumont,  reminiscent of black and white TV;   with classic black painted tank frame, black and white fenders, sexy show chrome and retro rack you’ll think you’ve stepped back in time.  The Classic Springer fork, upright handlebars and spring saddle will have you riding in old school style.

Down into the Deep Six

Felt Deep Six

Take Felt’s tank frame with custom drillium frame plates, chain guard and chain ring, all painted in Black Cherry.

ADD,  Felt’s Up on the Downside, or as I prefer to say Upside Down Handlebar.  You’ve got some kind of a a ghost-riding, widow making machine, they call it “Deep Six”

Personally, I see this one customized with a pair of Ape Hangar Bars, with Brooks Black leather ring grips and a Black Brooks B33 leather saddle.  Seriously, the comfort of Brooks accessories is a whole other awesome topic.

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