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Schwalbe Balloon Tires, What’s the “BIG” deal?

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Well first of all, Schwalbe Balloon “Fat Frank” tires look incredibly handsome on just about any bike. Second, they’re made in Germany. Das ist gut, ja? Yes it is!

Traditionally, Cruiser bikes (and many comfort bikes) have Fat tires on them, but not so uber functional a tire as the Schwalbe Fat Frank. Standard fat tires have more rubber on the road; ergo more comfort and stability, but less speed.

Well, Fat meets Fast with Schwalbe’s Fat Frank Tires!   These tires have been specially designed so that they make your ride both smoother and faster, acting like a pneumatic cushion to absorb impacts. These lower air pressure, high volume tires actually have less roll resistance than standard skinny tires making them the Oxymoron of Bicycle Tires.

Fat Franks in 3 colours

And, with Kevlar guard for flat protection, the tires are also lighter which further translates to a faster ride.

Fat Franks can be installed on many bikes with a 26” wheel, not just Beach Cruisers. Electra’s Townie Balloon line come standard equipped with Fat Franks. But ,you can also put these tires on almost any Townie, cruiser or comfort bike.

Electra Townie Balloon 3i Mens'

Available in 3 colours, + NEW Brown with Cream Walls!  Why not come in and test ride a pair of Fat Franks at our Vancouver Bike Shop today!