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Waterproof Panniers, a must in Vancouver

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Waterproof Panniers, a must in Vancouver

Winter is here and with it, the rain we Vancouverites know so well. New to the Denman Bike Shop to help ease the transition from summer to winter is Blackburn and Ortlieb Waterproof panniers.

Blackburn Local Saddle Bags

  • Compatible with all standard racks
  • Reflective print for added safety
  • Shoulder strap included

These bags will allow you to carry anything without worries of rain and all its wetness. Large capacity and ease of use are only a few of the many features these bags offer. A perfect edition for bike to work life in Vancouver.

Back-Rollers City

  • ORTLIEB QL 1 System for one-handed mounting and removal
  • Durable material
  • Roll-down top insures no water will spoil your belongings

Make sure to stop by and grab your waterproof panniers at Denman Bike Shop to insure you won’t be caught in the rain empty handed.