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So what is a Performance “Commuter” Bike?

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When you think of commuting, what comes to mind? Are you stuck in traffic inside your car, or trying to find a seat on an overcrowded bus? What if we told you there was another way…a faster, more economical and hands-down FUN way to commute? There is – it’s on a bike. But not just any bike – the commuter!

So What is a Performance “Commuter” Bike?

A commuter ride is light, fast and equipped with a large gear range. Also, instead of cycling with an upright posture, as with a city bike, the rider is angled slightly downward. This is termed a more “aggressive” position, where the angle is all about power.

This angled riding posture allows you to really dig down into your pedals and get a much more effective stroke each time around. It is also  a better position to tackle those hills that are probably somewhere along your route (while making use of all those gears!) – Vancouver doesn’t always make it easy, but the commuter does!

Some commuters have flat bars and a slight angled posture:

The Brooklyn Roebling is a lightweight commuter bike with 24 speeds and a derailleur – easy to ride and perfect to customize.


The Brooklyn Lorimer comes in matte ivory, boasts 25 speeds and a lightweight frame that comes in smaller sizes to accommodate petite riders.

 Other Commuters are Sporty and ready for the Trail:




The Kona Dew Plus and Kona Dew Deleuxe are great examples of quality Kona bikes with a broad gear range, high performance hydraulic brakes that offer consistent, superior braking ability in wet conditions.

Some Have Drop Bars – These Make Great Touring Bikes, too!


kona_rove_al kona_jake

The Kona Rove AL and Kona Jake are sporty, performance-oriented bikes that can tackle just about any adventure, be it the route to work or a weekend tour. The drop bar orients the rider in an “aggressive” riding position, angled downward.

Why Ride a Commuter?

SAVE MONEY Switching your car out for riding a bicycle is an amazing way to save 100’s, even 1000’s of dollars a year! Bikes are free to ride and inexpensive to maintain and repair. If you’re looking for a budget hack, this is it!

GET OUT OF TRAFFIC – Don’t spend a minute more in the car than you have to! Starting or ending your day on the bike is energizing, instead of infuriating. With most Vancouver buses equipped with bike racks, you’re always good to go no matter what.

GET IN TO SHAPE – Commuting by bike is the easiest way to get in shape without spending time (or money) in the gym. Cycling is a excellent cardiovascular exercise, known for building endurance and burning fat. Set the pace you’re comfortable with – and be amazed at how quickly your strength grows.

HAVE FUN!!! – The best part! At its core, riding is fun. Getting to and from work doesn’t have to be a chore – enjoy yourself and experience the pleasure of cycling!

Re-think your ride with Electra’s new Verse line of fitness bikes.

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You love Electra bikes, but you’re looking for something a little more….. zippy?

Electra’s new Verse series of fitness-oriented bikes will have you speeding through your work-out with a smile on your face!

Electra Verse 24D Ladies' Amethyst

With a unique sleek aesthetic, clean lines, and extensively engineered ride quality, the Electra Verse is a versatile fitness-oriented ride.

The lightweight aluminum frames, with 21 or 24 speed drive-trains, and 700C wheels allow you to speed through your workout, or your commute.

Electra Verse 21D Men's Black Charcoal

The Riding position isn’t aggressive or hunched.  Instead, Thanks to Electra’s proprietary handle bar, high head tube position, and quill stem you’ve got yourself an ergonomically ideal angle that allows you to ride longer distances without fatigue.

Electra Verse 21D Jade Turquoise

Come in to our Vancouver Bike Shop today and try out our Demo.

We’ll be receiving these brand new 2012 bikes by late February, so you’ll be well on your way to a better beach bod by summer.

Check out the Full Line of Verse Bikes in our Catalogue here!

NEW!! USB Rechargeable Bike Lights In Stock

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Say Goodbye to batteries and Say Hello to Greener Lights!

NEW USB rechargeable bike lights have arrived!  Check out our selection…

Serfas brand Super-cool USB lights from the future

Ranging from rechargeable mini micro-lights that put other 1-LED mini lights to shame, all the way to the MEGA Powerful and astonishingly Bright Serfas “True Series” Lights with 150 – 1500 crazy bright lumens!

Serfas USLR USB Micro taillight

Serfas USL5 USB Light

Serfas True 150 USB rechargeable light

And our #1 Customer Favorite light the KNOG Boomer
Is now available in a USB Rechargeable version

We love the Boomer for its super bright high-powered LED and water-proof body.  We especially love the “press and hold to turn off” from any mode feature.

Now we can buy more coffees for the all the batteries we’re saving, by plugging Rechargeable Boomer into our computers!

Be Safe, Seen and Green with any of these snazzy new Lights on your bike.

Come check them out  for yourself!