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How to Choose a Bike Basket

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How to choose a bike basket?

Well yes, there’s the question of  White Wicker, Dark Wicker, or Plastic or Metal…. However

There are actually  a few important things consider first
like which baskets will work best for your bike and your needs

Baskets attach to your bike in 3 Main ways:

1. With straps (preferably leather), attached to your handlebar

2. With a Quick Release Bracket

3. Fixed to your headset

Wicker baskets with straps are lovely, look classic, beachy and fun.

However, depending on your needs, and the stem on your bike, these baskets can tilt forward a fair bit.

Nantucket Cisco Basket on Electra Amsterdam

Electra Wicker with Straps on Electra Cruiser 7

Quick-Release baskets attach to your handlebars, and can be removed and re-attached with a release lever.

These baskets typically sit up more horizontal, and keep clear of any cabling your bike may have.

Electra Mesh QR Basket on Townie 7D

Axiom City Wicker DLX on Townie 7D

As a general rule, you should not put more than 10 pounds in a front-mounted bike basket.

Not that your basket won’t hold the weight, but the basket will begin to steer for you, and not typically in the direction you desire.

When baskets are attached to the handlebars, they are at the highest external pivot point of the bike, and the more weight in this area, the more your handlebars will want to flop from side to side.

If instead, you choose a Fixed Mount Basket, the basket will be attached at a lower centre of gravity.

So, it will not affect your steering as much. Plus, with supports attached to your fork, this style of basket will allow you to carry more weight. Some riders find up to 15 or more pounds, depending on your control.

Electra Steel Square Fixed Mount Basket

Electra Plastic Wicker Fixed Mount Basket on Electra Amsterdam Original

Once you’ve decided on which type of basket meets your function requirements, you can explore the plethura of fashion choices available!

Need to carry more than 10lbs?

Consider a rear pannier rack with a basket on the back!

Axiom Rear Shopper Basket

One Final Tip.

Do BE CAREFUL parking your bike with a full basket load. Once you put your kickstand down, if you allow your basket to lean in the same direction of your kickstand, you can expect to see your bike hit the ground.

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New! Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers in Aluminum!

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Just in time for the Holidays, we have a lovely selection of 2013 Electra Ladies Cruisers Bikes now available in light-weight Aluminum.

The new Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers are noticeably lighter than their steel counter-parts, and they now come with 3-piece cranks.

Why do we care about the cranks?  Well, first of all, they’re stronger and give more pedal power.   More important, for those of you who love to customize, you’ll have the option to upgrade to coloured pedals!

The line includes 3 new fashion paint schemes along with previous favourite designs now made from light-weight aluminum.

Electra Cirque 3i

Electra Wren 3i

Electra Lace 3i

If you prefer the flex-feel of steel (and the lower price), we have a great selection of steel cruisers, many of which are ON SALE Now.

View the complete line of Electra’s Ladies Aluminum Cruisers here

View the line of Electra’s ladies Steel Cruisers here

Looking for bike baskets and other bike accessories to customize your ride?

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