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New! Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers in Aluminum!

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Just in time for the Holidays, we have a lovely selection of 2013 Electra Ladies Cruisers Bikes now available in light-weight Aluminum.

The new Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers are noticeably lighter than their steel counter-parts, and they now come with 3-piece cranks.

Why do we care about the cranks?  Well, first of all, they’re stronger and give more pedal power.   More important, for those of you who love to customize, you’ll have the option to upgrade to coloured pedals!

The line includes 3 new fashion paint schemes along with previous favourite designs now made from light-weight aluminum.

Electra Cirque 3i

Electra Wren 3i

Electra Lace 3i

If you prefer the flex-feel of steel (and the lower price), we have a great selection of steel cruisers, many of which are ON SALE Now.

View the complete line of Electra’s Ladies Aluminum Cruisers here

View the line of Electra’s ladies Steel Cruisers here

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