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Great Bikes for Petite Women

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Are you a woman under 5 feet, having a hard time finding an adult bike that fits your smaller size?

Does  your past bike experience involve teetering on a bike that was too big for you, and you were afraid you’d hurt yourself?
Or have you been told, you need a “Kids Bikes”?   Left riding at the back of the pack, on a poor quality bike?

Well, if you’re like many of our customers of “smaller” stature who are in search of a  comfortable, fashionable, and quality bike that will let you ride with confidence and style, we’ve got some great choices for you!

In the Fashion and Comfort line, we just love these step-through models because of how easy it is to get on and off the bike, for starters….

The Electra Townie

When it comes to a bike that can comfortably accommodate a petite rider, especially one that is nervous about riding, or perhaps has body pain or joint issues…. The Electra Townie rules them all.  With its incredibly intelligent design, the Electra Townie allows the rider to put their feet Flat on the Ground, when not on the pedals.  That’s right, you heard it, FLAT on the ground.  Ride for a bit, feel nervous? Stop and put your foot flat down!  Furthermore thanks to a light-weight aluminum step-through frame and very adjustable seat and handlebars, its much easier  to fit a petite rider, and allow them to gain confidence with their ride.   Now, not to imply that petite riders in particular might be nervous about riding, but I do find often they start out that way, in particular because of past experiences.

For the Townie, there are two size choices, and a few gearing/colour options.  The majority of riders at or about 5 feet, can ride the regular ladies 26” wheel, no problem.  Plus, for even more petite riders there is also the 24” Wheel Townie…   The most popular model, is the Townie Original 7D, in fact it’s so well-loved that this particular model sold more than any other brand-bicycle in the USA for the last 2 years!


Townie Original 7D


Townie Original 7D EQ “Equipped”


Townie Original 7D 24″


For those a little more confidence, these City bikes provide a comfortable and efficient ride.


The Brooklyn Willow or Franklin in size S/M

Some of our best selling bikes for petite ladies are the Brooklyn Willow and Brooklyn Franklin.  These upright city bikes are made of Chromoly Steel which make them more comfortable than aluminum and lighter than traditional steel.  Thanks to the step-through frame, shorter seat tube, and 26” wheels with narrower tires,  we find riders at approximately 4’8” can confidently ride this bike in the S/M size.   Since the seat height and swept back-upright handlebars are very adjustable, the Brooklyn bikes are also great choice for growing teenagers who are looking for a fashionable bike with room for growth.    The Willow has either 3 or 7 speeds with Internal Gears (really clean and low maintenance), and the Franklin has a 7 speed external (like a mountain bike).  And if you don’t know what Internal Gears vs. External gears are, don’t worry you’re like many of our customers. This, we’ll happily explain to you and will be the topic of future blog post!


Brooklyn Willow 3 speed


Brooklyn Frankin Seven

The Electra Loft in size small:

In 2015, Electra re-designed their hugely popular (Oprah’s Favorite Bike), in a smaller size. The Electra “Loft” has such a pretty frame, and thanks to their expert engineering, Electra were able to design a petite bike that still has City Style-27” wheels (700c).   So, the rider doesn’t lose any efficiency  as a result of riding on smaller wheels (like on a kids 24” wheel).  The aluminum frame is nice and light too.   The Loft is available in 3 gearing options and some lovely colours.


Electra Loft 3i


Electra Loft 7i

The Linus Dutchi in size small:

With Linus, it’s all about style!  We have many customers who fall in love with Linus at first sight, with their mid-50’s French style, deep step through frames, and huge array of matching accessories.  Linus owners continue to love their bikes because of how they ride; which is super comfortable,  upright and easy!    The size small Dutchi has 26” wheels and a smaller frame and accommodates a rider around 4’9 to 5’3.   Internal 3 or 8 gears are available.


The Opus Classico 1.0 or the Opus Zermatt in size Small

A slightly sportier model, the Opus Classico or Zermatt are light-weight aluminum step-through frames, with a little more performance than just a cruiser.  The Classico has 7 speeds, with a derailleur and the Zermatt features 24 speeds and disc brakes.  Great for the serious Vancouver all-weather commuter who still wants to be comfortable!


Opus Classico 1.0


Opus Zermatt

Regardless of your level of research, here at the Denman Bike Shop, we welcome you to come and test ride any of our bikes.  Don’t be shy, we’re here to help!

Sincerely yours.. a little vertically challenged myself… the Red Head.


End of Season Bike Sale!

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There’s still some great fall riding ahead of us in Vancouver.  Now’s a great time to take advantage of some End of Season Bike Savings from Denman Bike Shop…

Here’s a comfy and stylish City Bike from Linus, the Scout 7 speeds.  On SALE for just $525!

The Linus Roadster 8i Men’s frame is super stylish city bike with an 8 speed Internal hub;  great for Vancouver’s urban riders.  SAVE $100, while stock lasts!

Check out this cool yellow Electra Coaster 1 speed, aluminum cruiser with matching fenders for Just $349 (Reg $550!)

And for the commuter cyclist, try out the Opus Orhpeo Disc brake model ON SALE for $699!

Many more savings in store.

These prices won’t last. Come on in today to one of our Vancouver bike stores for a test drive.

How about this handsome Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i ON CLEARANCE for $699 Regular $925!

Mention this ad, and get 15% Off Accessories with Bike purchase, THIS WEEK ONLY til Sep 30th.

Check out more SALE PRICED bikes here

Great NEW Bike Baskets in Stock

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Just when we thought we couldn’t cherry pick any more fabulous bike baskets for you to choose from, we found a few more cherries!

Check out the bike basket wall at our Uptown Vancouver Bike Shop on Main at 10th

Here’s a few of our favourite NEW picks!

Linus Delano Basket

The Linus Delano basket, attaches securely to the stem/headset, fork stays.  It’s roomy, deep and very stylish.  It even has a built in ring to act as your cup holder!

Check it out!

Electra Alloy-Wood Basket

This cool new basket from Electra has a real wood bottom, and lightweight alloy tubing.  This basket also attaches to the stem of your bike with supports, allowing for more weight to be carried without affecting your steering.   It comes in black, or silver.

See more details

Nantucket Madaket Basket

A wonderful addition to the Nantucket bike basket collection is the Nantucket Madaket strap-mounted bike basket, featuring a lid!   Now you can load up your goodies, and keep them if you hit a bump in the road.

You can shop for this high quality bike basket here

To see more of the many many bike baskets we’ve picked for you, come on in to one of our two Vancouver bicycle stores, or check out our online webstore today.

Need help figuring out what kind of basket to buy?   Check out this article, and feel free to ask one of our bike basket experts.

NEW! Linus City Bikes in stock now

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We are excited to announce the arrival of  Linus brand bicycles

From Venice, California to Denman Bikes in Vancouver.

Simple, yet Elegant city bikes, modeled after the Golden Era French bicycles of the 50’s and 60’s;

Linus bikes feature upright riding comfort, step-thru or classic designs, and come in a variety of Internal Hub, or classic derailleur options.

Linus Dutchi 3 Speed

Linus Roadster 8 speed

With modern components and real steel frames, they are affordable and reliable.

At the Denman Bike Shop, we specialize in upright, comfortable, and fashionable city bikes. Linus bikes are a wonderful, sophisticated and fashionable compliment to our existing line.

There’s a nice selection of models and colours to choose from
Browse our selection online!

Come in a Test Ride
a Linus Dutchi, Scout, Gaston or Roadster today!

Most Linus models are In Stock NOW
at our Denman Bikes on Main at 10th Vancouver location