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How to Choose a Bike – Things to Consider

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If you’re NEW to Cycling , aren’t up to speed on the latest, or just don’t “know anything about bikes…

Here’s a little “Bike 101” on some of the basic things to consider, to help you find the right bike.

Whether you’re a Comfort, Casual or Commuter Cyclist, Denman Bike Shop has a variety of bike options for you.

What is the Right Frame Style for Me?

UP- Right and Comfortable, or Bent-Over Performance Position?

Riding in a bent-over performance position, is more aerodynamic, and allows you to use more of your core muscles and upper body power to pull on the handlebars; as if you were rowing. However, this position can be hard on the lower back, neck and wrists.

With the design of more upright city, comfort and commuter bikes, many people prefer the feeling of cycling in an upright position. You have better eye contact with drivers, your shoulders are relaxed, and you can maintain this position for a longer period.

The degree of upright-ness depends on the frame design and handlebars, and can even be customized to your preference!

Classic Frame or Step-Thru?

While traditional the step-thru bicycle has been associated with women’s frames, many men enjoy the comfort of a step-thru bike, and we have a number of options that allow a Gentlemen to ride a style appropriate step-thru bike.

Classic Frames are traditionally associate with Men’s bikes, but many women like the look and feel of the classic frame. Typically speaking this type of frame design provides more strength , and may be preferred by a taller woman, for example.

Steel Frame or Aluminum?

Your typical comfort-city, cruiser or urban performance bike may come n either a Hi-ten Steel, Aluminum or Chromoly frame.

Hi-Ten Steel Frame bikes are a little heavier, usually cheaper, but do offer more compliance in the frame and some people prefer the feel of real steel.

Aluminum frames are noticeably lighter, however stiffer. They now have a Life-Time Guarantee on the frame, and are rust-proof. (keep in mind your chain and other components won’t be)

Chromoly is a type of steel, that is stronger and lighter than Hi-Ten Steel. The discerning cyclist may say that Chromoly has a better feel. Sometimes, a bike may be Steel with a Chromoly fork.

What kind of gears and brakes do you need?

What kind of gears and brakes you need depends on your preferences, level of physical fitness, how heavy your bike is, how far you’ll be riding and how steep the hills are!

Gears – Internal Or External?


External gears are traditional gearing system with cogs (chain rings) and a derailleur which changes the gears by moving the chain from one cog to another, either increasing or decreasing the level of resistance.

This type of system is what you find on a mountain bike, for example. It’s also the type of system where your chain could fall off, if your bikes is not properly maintained or if you “down-shift” too fast,

This type of “drivetrain” can be lighter than internal gears. Quality levels for External gears vary dramatically.


In this type of gearing system, the gears are enclosed within the wheel’s hub. There is no derailleur. It is a very clean, very low maintenance type of system. The most common are either 3 speed, or 8 speed. It may not sound like a lot of gears, but the range is actually quite wide.

Some of the Internal Geared bikes, also feature a Coaster (or Pedal brake)

Brakes – Hand Brakes, Foot Brakes, Disc Brakes, Roller Brakes – Oh My?

Coaster Brakes (Foot Brakes)

Are so easy to use, that’s how they teach kids to ride a bike. Just pedal backwards and you will stop. This type of brake is normally found on an internally geared bike hub, but not always.

Rim Brakes (V or caliper)

Have Standard rubber brake pads, are easy to clean, and affordable. They do wear out faster, and are not as effective in the rain.

Disc Brakes

Are good for Commuters who ride year round, including in heavy rain. Though, more expensive initially, in the long run maintainance is generally less as the pads last a lot longer.

In some instances they can be a bit noisy in the rain, and are susceptible to “parking damage”.

Roller or Drum Brake (Hub Brakes)

The Brakes are contained within the wheel out of the way of dirt and damage.

Comparable in performance to Disc brakes, hub brakes offer Zero Maintenance, consistent stopping power and nicer “lines” on a fashionable bike . They also make a great upgrade on a bike that can’t accommodate a disc.

How Do you know which one is right for you?

The best way to choose a bike is to come in and test ride! And remember, almost everything on a bike can be customized or personalized to fit your function or your fashion!

“Experience is knowledge, the rest is just information.” ~ Albert Einstein

NEW! Linus City Bikes in stock now

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We are excited to announce the arrival of  Linus brand bicycles

From Venice, California to Denman Bikes in Vancouver.

Simple, yet Elegant city bikes, modeled after the Golden Era French bicycles of the 50’s and 60’s;

Linus bikes feature upright riding comfort, step-thru or classic designs, and come in a variety of Internal Hub, or classic derailleur options.

Linus Dutchi 3 Speed

Linus Roadster 8 speed

With modern components and real steel frames, they are affordable and reliable.

At the Denman Bike Shop, we specialize in upright, comfortable, and fashionable city bikes. Linus bikes are a wonderful, sophisticated and fashionable compliment to our existing line.

There’s a nice selection of models and colours to choose from
Browse our selection online!

Come in a Test Ride
a Linus Dutchi, Scout, Gaston or Roadster today!

Most Linus models are In Stock NOW
at our Denman Bikes on Main at 10th Vancouver location

Light, fast, comfortable Electra Ticino

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If you’re looking for a comfort bike that’s light, fast and fun, check out the Electra Ticino.

I love the comfort of a beach cruiser with wide handle bars, cushy seat and comfy 26″ fat tires. But I also like speed!
Furthermore, my shoulder isn’t what it used to be and I have to lift my bike up a set of stairs each day.

Enter the Electra Ticino,

An upright bike that rides like a dream

Ticino 8D Wisteria

The Ticino is Modelled after the vintage touring bikes of the 40’s and 50’s, and named after a region of the Swiss Italian border that’s hilly.

This bike is super-light, 21 lbs compared to my 35 lb cruiser.
I can pick it up with one hand!

The light-weight frame and 700C wheels (taller and narrower than a beach cruiser) allow me to ride fast.

Equipped with:

Mixed-used treaded tires,
you can ride on streets as well as roll over hard pack trail such as the bike path at Jerricho Beach.

I never thought I would enjoy riding up hills so much!

With the tourist handlebars that come back towards you,
Riding up hills on this super-light weight bike is a breeze.

I’m able to stand up and pedal in a vertical position with my body weight doing more of the work. I like to alternate between sitting down in a low gear while leaning on the handlebars, and standing up in a high gear.   I find this allows my working muscle groups to alternate, making hill riding much easier than on a flat-bar commuter bike.

On the Ticino, I’m doing the stair-master up the hill, and I’m loving it! But don’t get me wrong…. it’s still a work-out!

The bike is stiffer when you hit bumps than a beach cruiser, and you’ll not want to ride over wet grass and really bumpy terrain, but this is a trade off I’m willing to make for all the other features it has.

Finally, there’s the benefit of riding upright. My wrists, back and neck don’t hurt, and I’m enjoying the view of the city on my beautiful and stylish “cruisee” bike.

Love my Ticino.

Check out our Selection online, and please come in and try one  for yourself!