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Light, fast, comfortable Electra Ticino

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If you’re looking for a comfort bike that’s light, fast and fun, check out the Electra Ticino.

I love the comfort of a beach cruiser with wide handle bars, cushy seat and comfy 26″ fat tires. But I also like speed!
Furthermore, my shoulder isn’t what it used to be and I have to lift my bike up a set of stairs each day.

Enter the Electra Ticino,

An upright bike that rides like a dream

Ticino 8D Wisteria

The Ticino is Modelled after the vintage touring bikes of the 40’s and 50’s, and named after a region of the Swiss Italian border that’s hilly.

This bike is super-light, 21 lbs compared to my 35 lb cruiser.
I can pick it up with one hand!

The light-weight frame and 700C wheels (taller and narrower than a beach cruiser) allow me to ride fast.

Equipped with:

Mixed-used treaded tires,
you can ride on streets as well as roll over hard pack trail such as the bike path at Jerricho Beach.

I never thought I would enjoy riding up hills so much!

With the tourist handlebars that come back towards you,
Riding up hills on this super-light weight bike is a breeze.

I’m able to stand up and pedal in a vertical position with my body weight doing more of the work. I like to alternate between sitting down in a low gear while leaning on the handlebars, and standing up in a high gear.   I find this allows my working muscle groups to alternate, making hill riding much easier than on a flat-bar commuter bike.

On the Ticino, I’m doing the stair-master up the hill, and I’m loving it! But don’t get me wrong…. it’s still a work-out!

The bike is stiffer when you hit bumps than a beach cruiser, and you’ll not want to ride over wet grass and really bumpy terrain, but this is a trade off I’m willing to make for all the other features it has.

Finally, there’s the benefit of riding upright. My wrists, back and neck don’t hurt, and I’m enjoying the view of the city on my beautiful and stylish “cruisee” bike.

Love my Ticino.

Check out our Selection online, and please come in and try one  for yourself!